Our Design

Each design begins with a comprehensive understanding of the program and the place.

We take pride in our close collaborations with our clients and our consultants to strategize appropriate methodologies to address the requirements of the program.

Our designs are inspired by the affinity of our architecture to the place and the context that defines the place. Working at various scales, we seek to foster an awareness of the contextual qualities. We revelled in the pursuit of cues that leads to design solutions that imbued our work with inherent contextual sensitivities.

The principles of our designs are influenced by the discipline of modern architecture where the process of enquiring and exploring of ideas are fundamental to the design. In each development, we strive for innovation and creativity. We strive for excitement and tranquillity, formed by the space, light and structural order of our architecture.

Underlying our works are varying levels of awareness and implementation of ideas that emerge from the design process.